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12:03-- madbilly: Reunion Friday Night Races coming soon. Watch this space
9:31-- el chodeo: anyone keen for a race tonight ?
2:17-- ninja469: oh yeh i forgot to mention i still can't drive for shit :D
2:15-- ninja469: thrustmaster t500rs wheel is better but the pedals are crap. I went with a fanatec clubsport V3 pedal set :D
21:28-- Mopz: I dont think its mechanically any different to the g27 by the sounds of things... after finding this out i'm not going to get one...
10:24-- el chodeo: great news ! Hopefully i'll be racin' some of you east coasters tonight then :)
4:25-- AJ: Keen to hear if the G29 is any good Mopz
4:07-- ninja469: Nice to see that you are still alive Mopz and look forward to Friday Night Racing again :)
Got S3 and pCars but not the AC packs
12:01-- Mopz: in the next lot of good news... a g29 is turning up soon
12:01-- Mopz: seems more then one thing got friend
12:01-- Mopz: in more good news i also bought a new video card
10:32-- Mopz: drst... good news is today i bought i new motherboard finally
9:19-- el chodeo: client is up-to-date, S2 server worked fine, S3 returned error
6:32-- Mopz: i'll look into it was this with the M patch that just came out?
10:57-- el chodeo: im getting an "unknown error" after connecting to the S3 :( S2 looks fine but I want to hit Rockingham
10:09-- el chodeo: just got my s3 lic
9:28-- el chodeo: I havent got S3 yet but i will. Got all 3 assetto corsa packs. anyone keen for some friday night action?
6:47-- Mopz: ok i have finally got off my ass and made an s2 and s3 server... airio connects to both to times should hopefully migrate to both... new computer is my next agenda... i'm slack you all know it ... sorry...sorta
1:09-- Mopz: who has bought S3?
4:32-- el chodeo: Anyone keen for a race tonight?
11:41-- el chodeo: D'Oh, need to update LFS version on GotBeer server.
9:11-- el chodeo: hopefully we can get back to some Friday night racing soon.
4:33-- gramee: Not me sorry. Gotta go out tonight. Won't be next week either, gotta go to a ritual sacrifice...I mean wedding next Friday.
0:21-- el chodeo: anyone up for some racing tonight ???
23:26-- Mopz: shimon101 I had a look in the logs those 4 guys were baning everyone who joined... if i seem them on again they will get a more perm ban
7:58-- shimon101: Ok
6:13-- Mopz: And yes for $25 we can get access to rockingham now and more development is "apparently" occuring after xmas.... Who is going to upgrade?
6:11-- Mopz: not sure why shimon101 if it was an admin no votes would have been required. We cannot help people who troll servers and want to just kick everyone... sorry rejoin and post if anything in future happens
4:43-- shimon101: answer*
4:43-- shimon101: Is noone going to answe me?
2:32-- tiptop114: I dont believe what I have just seen. S3 license now available with Rockingham added to the track line up. No other content as yet.
15:05-- shimon101: I would like to know why I got voted to get kicked twice when joining the server tonight? Now I am banned. As soon as I joined I see POWERTUNE vote to kick 1/4 then soon 3/4 then I get kicked. This happened twice and I didn't do anything wrong and I'm from Australia. Not impressed to say the least.
5:36-- Mopz: got the pc up and running on a pos motherboard on a pos cpu... but has usb problems so can't get the wheel and shifter going
5:35-- Mopz: nice to know its working
13:35-- el chodeo: berts and I had a great laugh tonight .. PB's all around. Hope to see you all back here in the new year for some Championship Tournament Racing :)
5:49-- Mopz: hope it all goes well

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